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We Are All Just Runaways

  So, I applied, was offered and accepted to participate in the WDWCP again for the Fall 2012.  The closer it gets to time to leave, the more excited I am getting.  (It is kind of a long story, but there were many factors that initially stifled my excitement.)  Anyways, I really should be leaving work to get to work... but wanted to make a quick update. 



Here we go again?

So, life has gone on.  I have been working a ton.  I just graduated from college.  But wait, what is this?  I just finished signing up for some classes at the community college as well as finishing my Disney application and am waiting to set up my interview.  Oh yes, this could make for an interesting 2012 :)

I have a real itch to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory right now... but I need to get the last paper of the semester at least semi completed for our in class editing tomorrow.  I am trying to write about how news media has been involved in the current economic recession.  Things like the cycle of coverage the recession recieved versus the actual severity at the time and the consumer confidence index and how news media has effected the CCI.  It should be riviting lol.  My comm teacher was actually an econ major so she told me that she was interested to read my paper and see what I could find... now I feel the pressure.  lol. 

Can't wait for the summer!  There are so few assignments left before it starts, this paper being one of them.  I am just super excited.  Internship, potentially life changing decisions, hopefully going to be visited by a very good friend if he is able to find the time after his training before he has to report to his next station (he's in the navy.)  I hope to have time to have a bit of fun.  Maybe go to a few concerts, Disneyland, the beach, visit my cousins in Oregon, Visit my gma up north, go to Vegas to meet up with a disney friend.  A lot of my excitement I guess is just to see people that I don't get to see ever.  I really like that today's technology has allowed us to keep connected with people we have met, and I am happy to have met all of the people I have been able to, I just wish that all my best of friends could be in the same place as me all the time :(

Anyways, can only momentarily procrastinate. 


May. 10th, 2011

After the tone of my last entry, full of mourning, regrets, and worries...
I would like to again point out, with a more positive tone, that I have been given the opportunity to have a VERY exciting internship where I will hopefully learn TONS and in turn, build some confidance and open some doors for my future. 

i would first like to comment on all the interviews I had to go through in the last month.  Okay, so like everyone, I don't mind talking about myself, but i am a very honest person, an open book, I am not going to bullsh!t you because I want you to like me and want to be hired.  So, something that I worried about after each interview was that a lot of the interviewers asked where I wanted to be in 5 years.  Now, I can't lie.  I don't know where I will be in 5 years.  I don't know where I WANT to be in 5 years.  I am hoping that they are the same, that I will be where I want to be in 5 years... but where that is, I have no clue.  5 years ago, I wanted to be an optometrist, I wanted to study biology or pre-optometry at UC Berkley.  3 years ago I had a renewed sense of athleticism and thought about trying to swim competitivley again.  2 years ago i went to Disney. 
To answer the question, I tried to eloquently explain that the world we live in today is always changing and so it is hard to pick an exact place that I want to be and where I will end up, but that I hope wherever it is, that i am around people I love, that I am happy, and that I am proud of the work that I am doing. 

A strange thing that happened during my mass amounts of interviews... I got rejected from an internship before I interviewed.  Well, I had done one interview that i thought had gone very well, then they called and I was scheduled for another interview to be held a week in the future.  The day after the second interview was scheduled I got an email saying that they did not want to hire me.  i don't know if it was based on the first interview or because of the online personality test I had done approx 2 weeks before (which, even being an HR major, I think these things are ridiculous... I just took one at my current job and was shown my results and it is dumb the things they want and value.  For example, they said that I didn't accept authority and was too much of and individual thinker... but me and my manager laughed because I am the first person to do what I am told and follow the rules, so long as they are good rules.  But the questions were things like "do you think a person should be able to wear a bathing suit walking down the street if they want to?"  WTF?  well, it's a free country, who are they hurting if they do? Is it hot outside, cuz if they want to, it probably is...Well then, why not?  anyways.  DUMB.  the end)  But, the rejection email got lost in my copious amounts of spam so I showed up to the interview, and I wonder if the lady knew that I was rejected... or if she was confused by my showing up.  Anyways, i didn't want that internship that much anyways lol, and I REALLY  wanted the one that I got so there.  haha 

I am glad that my new employer wasn't scared off by my honesty and enthusiasm, that they are willing to give me a chance, and I hope that I will be all that they want and more so that I am not a waste of money for them.  again, i hope to do well and learn a lot.

Hopefully I will be keeping this updated with how my new internship is going, and how it is hopefully taking me to places I want to be. 

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth
Two roads diverged in yellow wood,
and sorry I could not travel both. 
and be one traveler long i stood,
and looked down one as far as i could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

No more disney?

So, I am writing today to express my deep sadness in coming to the realization that i will probably never again be a Disney employee.  I always thought after my first College program that I would do another one when I graduated... but I have now realized what that would all mean.  That would mean dropping my life here and all the good connections I have made in my field that would probably not understand why I would like to spend a semester in Florida working at the WDW resort and them potentially not being here for me when I get back so that I could get a good job.  This is my biggest fear, because I already worry what it would be like for me to have to actually find a job, I just don't have the confidence to believe that anyone would want to hire me.  I also just got offered a pretty good internship with a solar company out here and how would that look, "it looks like you interned, that's good...and then... you spend 5 months in florida... working a minimum wage job... doing absolutly nothing to further your knowledge or career... um... we'll just try to ignore that..." 

I just think that it is no longer a possiblility.  It is more like, if I can't find a real job then i get to go have fun in Florida!  which then makes me slightly hope that no one wants to hire me lol.  But there are some great opportunities for me out here.  But at the same time, I have never had the drive to be fighting for some "big shot" career, but isn't that what everyone wants?  and then i come back to real life and try to figure out how I will be able to support myself in life and then the career begins to look more alluring.  Well, having more of a shot at a job is what is nice, I feel like if I leave it will lessen my chances. 

If i stay here, the future could look like this:
Intern, Graduate, work at a very good company for 2-5 years to get some good experience, then try to get a job in HR with Disney in Burbank. (my ultimate goal)

If I do another program, the future is:
Intern, Graduate, WDWCP, then...? and try to somehow end up in HR with Disney in Burbank with limited experience or try to get a job for experience and then Disney... ? but how do I get this first job? ahhh

there are just too many unknown variables and I am intimidated by the future.  But I really do want to have fun.  i want to go back and meet people from all over the world.  I want to see Magic Kingdom all decked out for Halloween September 6th through Nov 3rd.  I had so much fun on my last program and didn't really know that much about the parks or the company when I began.  Now that I know more I want to do it all again and maybe do the things I didn't get to do before.  Plus I want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter lol. 

And now I am back to where I began at the start.  Trying to forget about the future and live in the present.  Trying to focus first on graduating and worrying about everything else later.  I just hope that Growing Up wont bring me down...
A lot has been going on lately.  School started.  I have become an officer in a student organization.  I found out that there is an amazing internship available at PIXAR this summer, so now I can think of nothing else but figuring out how to get it!  Work has been going well.  I am jealous of my old roommate who recently got a phone call from THE Hayley Williams of Paramore!  I am about halfway finished reading both The Scarlet Pimpernel and Farenheit 451.  I am half sure that I am going to go swimming tomorrow for the first time in forever!  (a friend in the Airforce has some test that he has to pass and is not the strongest swimmer so he wants some pointers and I realize I should get in the pool a couple times before I do so that I don't look like  a complete fool and will be able to help him out... yeah, I know, the things I do for my country! ;)   )  And I don't know if it is V-day that is making me get all sappy and sentamental and gushy or whatever, but I am thinking more and more about giving a friend who is currently a platonic friend a chance at being more than platonic friends even though it could mean ruining our friendship which I value a lot and would hate myself if I ruined it... which i am sure i eventually would.  Oh, and I have come to the conclusion that I dislike having a cell phone and that the only purpose it serves is in great emergencies.  Emergencies that would require a cell phone... tire blows out, get in a car accident, get hit by a car and need to dial 911... any other sort of problems with my car... suffer a heat stroke and must call 911, I go hiking on my own and have my left arm pinned under a rock and could be stuck for days except I have my cell phone to call for help (who am I kidding, AT&T would never have service in the forest!) , I am kidnapped and call 911 and the police can use my information along with the ping to find me and take me to safety, or I am killed and the police use the ping to find where my body is or somewhere I have been... that about covers ALL emergencies that require a cell phone.  Now I don't plan on any of these happening (again) and would love to be freed of the radiation machine that is my cell phone which makes me a slave to technology.  I guess I do use it to text friends to see if they want to go to lunch sometimes or to figure out why the hell group members in a team project are not at scheduled meetings... but I think I could survive without my gosh darn phone except for the fact that the world uses them and they have become a necessity.  gosh darn the world we live in today!  Oh, and I began watching Glee again... well I caught the Superbowl special.  and I guess they are going to sing Sing by MCR on the next episode so I must watch!  Well, i am exhausted and I hope that this all makes sense. 

This ain't dying, this is living

this past week, I have done many new things.  Things I didn't think I would do, things that I would have never thought of doing, and things I may regret doing.  But this week was one of the best that I have had probably since I have come home from Florida. 

Well, the NEW highlights:
Saw The King's Speak and the Green Hornet on the same day... for FREE :) (thanks jessi!) (oh, and they are both very good movies)
Went hiking for the first time with a good friend, and made some new ones. 
Ate shrimp that required I rip it's head, legs, and shell off XP
Hung out with guys in a fraternity without passing judgment on them for being in this fraternity.
Went into their disgusting frat house (mind you I avoided touching anything or sitting on couches, but I did eat breakfast which was served on plastic plates with plastic forks so I trusted that they were clean haha.)
Was a designated driver... and that night still turned out to be pretty crazy!
Fulfilled a New Years Resolution in less than a month... so I had to come up with another one. 

Without giving too much away, that was my week... well, mostly the last 4 days.  I hope I have more times like I have just had.  And I hope that I will be able to do this while taking on all the classes I am taking this semester, which officially starts today. 

And as much fun as I have had, this week I also accomplished a lot in other ways.  I think I learned a lot about myself.  I worked through some personal issues.  And I think I have realized a lot about my relationships with other people.  I am hoping these things will help me to be able to live my life a bit free-er and without worry or shame. 

Well, better get to sleep, Tomorrow/ today... is a different day! 

(oh, and if you are wondering my NEW new year's resolution... it is to have fun, be more spontaneous and maybe sometimes even a little reckless)


Another day, another dollar

I had my first complaint at work, which wasn't a really bad one.  The guy was pretty livid about the amount of time it took me to walk back in and get him some BBQ sauce and hot fudge... I am not gonna sweat it though.  I mean, I could have gotten it to him maybe a minute or two faster if I were able to go about and just do that one task, but I had to take another order, so  I had to explain what I needed to my partner in crime tonight and he then got it out there to him.  I understand being in a hurry, but at the same time, he is the one who wanted some extra stuff and then was annoyed... oh well.  everyone else must have been satisfied with their service because I walked out with 50 bucks :)  Oh, and even the guy that was mad at us said that I seemed like a "very nice girl."  I got a couple prank calls tonight as usual.  one that stood out was a guy who said "I don't want to startle you, but you are looking very good tonight."  and something along the lines of "I bought you a drink, they didn't give it to you?"  lol.  I wasn't sure if the person was actually there and watching my bewildered expression or if they were prank calling from home.  haha.  anyways.  It was funny. and at the end of the night I told my buddy that we made so many tips tonight because I was "looking so good."  haha.  Most prank calls you can hear the kids laughing in the background as they talk in bad accents and ask a million random questions and I never know at what point I can just hang up on them...

Well, I start school on Thursday.  It makes me think about how much I wish I had gotten everything together faster and was able to have graduated on time this past May, and makes me really excited to think that after this semester I only have one semester left!  It is so near, and yet so far! 

I will conclude with a bit of advice.  Please, do not park in 10 minute parking spots at restaurants!  They are not only for to-go pick ups, but also are back up handicapped spots.  I don't like to have to awkwardly ask you to move your car, so DON'T do it!  Now, if you just need to find a toilet, or text real quick or make a call, that is A-OKAY with me.  But if you are completely able bodied, do NOT park there. and don't try to tell me that you drove around the lot twice looking for a spot and couldn't find one, when there is clearly room in the lot because our restaurant is EMPTY.  Also, I have no sympathy for you if you send your husband to move the car out of the to-go spot, and while he is doing that you tell me that he is handicapped (even though he moved the car pretty quickly and doesn't have a crutch or walker or give any indication that he is not capable of walking the extra 20 feet) and that you just forgot the decal.  To me, all I hear is that you are an inconsiderate and lazy person because if your husband is the one who is handicapped you should re-park the car yourself!  In short, please park your car appropriately. 


That is pretty much it really.  Worked ALL DAY today... well, from 10:45am-9:30pm... that is close enough though.  Had my first busy night having to do my new job, which went well.  Not ONE complaint!  and the kid I was working with always has some sort of problem EVERY night, so I think that was even more of an accomplishment :) 

What is this?  Patricia is not following her "strictly enforced " rule of getting to bed at a decent hour?!?!  In my defense, I have not stayed up past 2 am in about two weeks... I think... which is good, cuz I have been know to stay up til 6am, wake up at 8 am, go to sleep at 2am, then wake up at 2pm, then not sleep at all for two days... so I have been on a bit more of an appropriate schedule, and I plan on getting better and better with time... I gotta get used to this. 

So, I saw Tron for the second time today, and I just gotta say that I really like the way that that movie looks and sounds!  even watching it twice, I can't really get past those two elements to really decided if I liked the story part of it too lol. 

Work has been going well, been working kind of a lot lately... the shifts are not too long, so it isn't that bad.  It makes me feel lazy to think that I only worked 35 hours in the last week even though I worked everyday... and I feel lazy that it bothered me to be strongly asked if I would cover a shift.  Honestly, it was more that... it was an hour before I would have had to leave for the shift, and I had to help my little sister do this HUGE review for her Chemistry final.  I have been kinda slacking on the helping her business lately, so I figured I should the day I had off... and there was also the whole thing that he talked to me 2 days ago about how the day he gave a doctors note to work saying he couldn't work that he went snowboarding for the next 2 days and was super high and wasted the whole time... I mean that is his business... but I figure if he can do that, he can tough out a day at work...

So, here is a random fact about myself, I don't like to talk on the telephone... I have been called a motormouth by my mother since the age of 4, but talking on the phone is soooo strange to me.  I like talking in person, I can chat on the internet or emails... but the phone is ridiculous.  It just doesn't work for me.  I lose interest in the conversation pretty fast, and then someone will say something and expect a response and I realize that i stopped listening forever ago... awkward.  I have  a friend in the air force right now that calls me and I have been avoiding his calls the last two days, one because they are pretty late and would disrupt my attempts to sleep regularly, and two because I don't like talking on the phone!!! 

Well, I have just been trying to get life to be sorta regular and trying to throw some fun into my winter break, though the weather has not been helping.  It has been so cold!  It has been the cause of a few mornings of not running, and today it was so cold, even in the movie theater I almost died of the cold!  first of all, it was probably about 60 in the theater, my hair was still a bit wet from my shower, and you are sitting there not moving, so I was FREEZING.  Luckily I was with a great friend that realized halfway through the film that I was starting to get some hypothermia and gave me his sweater :) 

'til next time